April 8, 2018

Well, that didn't turn out like we planned, did it?

Last Saturday, April 7th, we were all set to play The Alcove Cantina in Round Rock and celebrate Bill's birthday.

The weather had other plans.

The temperature took a nosedive, and by Saturday afternoon it was 40 degrees. So we made the difficult decision to cancel.

But we'll be back there in June, when hopefully we can count on better weather. plus, we'll be celebrating TEN YEARS OF SUIT - can you believe it?

In the meantime, though, we've got something else cool to tell you about:

We're playing the Mean Eyed Cat.

Yep, Sunday, May 6th, from 3:00 - 6:00 PM

We've been working on this for a LONG time, so we're really looking forward to it.

And then there's another new place, The Railhouse in Kyle, coming up on May 19th.

So until then...get yer blues on!

DV, Sean & Bill


"Singing and begging are about the only two ways a blind man can make a living in farm country." – Blind Willie Johnson


January 22, 2018

Thanks SO much to everyone who helped us celebrate Boat House Grill's last day on Sunday, January 21st. It was sad to see such a cool place close, but WOW what a farewell party! The entire crowd chanting "BOAT HOUSE GRILL! BOAT HOUSE GRILL!" was pretty awesome. :)
And to the owners and staff of Boat House Grill, THANK YOU for giving us a shot back in 2008 and for letting us be a part of the last day - we'll see ya down the road.

The very first SUIT gig was on June 28, 2008, at Boat House Grill. They gave us a chance when nobody had ever heard of us. Between 2008 and 2013 we played there 27 times. At 5:00 PM on January 21st, 2018, after 19 years of service, they closed their doors forever - and we were honored to have been a part of the last day. We finished our last song at exactly 5:00 PM, and that was the end of Boat House Grill.

Next up, we're back at the coolest place in Taylor, Texas, Black Sparrow Music Parlor on March 10th. If you haven't been there you've GOTTA check it out. It's gonna be another good one!

So stay warm and until next time, get yer blues on!

DV, Sean & Bill


“Never play a note you don't believe in.” – Ernest Banks


March 28, 2016

Very sad news today -- Junior's Grill & Icehouse in Round Rock has closed.

We would like to take a moment to thank Brett and the great staff of Junior's for all the opportunities they have given us over the years and wish them the best in their future endeavors.

Goodbye, Junior's, you will be missed!

Stay tuned to our website and Facebook page for updates on how we fill the dates we already had booked for Junior's.


March 6, 2016

New video! Check it out HERE.


Get yer blues on!

DV, Sean & Bill


“What I sing the guitar sings, too. And what the guitar say, I say." – Mississippi Fred McDowell


November 15, 2015

Well, that was interesting. It had been misting/drizzling (but not quite raining) all day. Hoping that it would blow over, we went ahead and set up outside and covered everything up with plastic tarps. We waited. It wasn't showing any signs of blowing over -- in fact it was getting worse. Finally, after about 7:00, we figured we'd better either move everything indoors or give up and go home. So we moved everything indoors -- which is no small feat considering how much gear we carry around.

(Side note: the room which we have always referred to as The Pool Room currently has no pool table, so it will now be known as The Back Room.)

We managed to get all the stuff moved and started playing about 9:00 to a small but very enthusiastic group of people. Thanks SO much to everyone who hung out with us; y'all made it all worth it.

By the way, you can probably guess what happened outside as soon as we had everything moved -- no more rain, no more drizzle, no more misting. Not another drop. Oh well.

We'll be back to Junior's on Saturday, December 12th for our last show of 2015. And yeah, we'll dust off the Christmas songs.

Next up we got a VERY rare appearance at The Roadhouse in Round Rock -- this is our only show there this year -- on Friday, November 20th. See ya there!


November 13, 2014

We recently got to be a part of a music video for world-renowned cowbell player El Borracho, using our song "The Ballad of El Borracho." Check it out HERE!

Also, you can download the song "The Ballad of El Borracho" (for the low low price of $.99) from CD Baby, Amazon, iTunes, and many other fine establishments coming soon.

More cowbell!


El Borracho has hung up his cowbell and retired, but you can still watch the video and download the song. :)


September 8, 2014

Thanks to everybody who joined us at the Sher Bear We Care Benefit Concert at The Roost On Sunday, September 7th! We haven't seen the final totals, but from what we understand the benefit was quite a success. We were honored to be a part of it, and thanks so much to the organizers for inviting us.


Round Rock Leader photographer Henry Huey took some really cool shots of us at Junior's on August 17th. Check 'em out here!

Here's the one that appeared in the August 22 print edition (note the License Plate Guitar by Texas Box Guitars ).


Pretty cool, right?


Our friend Jolene Roxbury called The Roadhouse about our recent show and was able to capture this special message...



Then there's this:

We recently had the pleasure of conversing (via emai) with none other than Jolene Roxbury herself -- whose classic "OB-GYN Answering Machine" inspired our name. There's finally official animation to go along with the audio. Check it out here.


As you may have noticed, we added a couple of buttons to the menu (above) including a link to our new MUSIC page. Check it out!



We're having trouble with a few email addresses. If you see your name below please contact us at SUIT@SUITblues.com so you can keep getting updates from us. Thanks!

Junior's, 11/03/12:
Gloria M.

Westside Alehouse, 08/18/12:
Chris O.

Junior's, 08/04/12:
John B.
Kat P.
Andy & Melissa


New video! Check all four songs we played at the Blues Challenge on our VIDEO page!


November 6, 2012

Well, we didn't win the Austin Blues Society's 2012 Heart of Texas International Blues Challenge , but that's okay. We had a ton of fun, had a great time, got to share the stage with a lot of cool people and hear some great music.

Thanks SO much to everyone who supported us in this little endeavor, especially those who came out and cheered (and voted!) for us. Y'all are the best. Also, thanks to the Austin Blues Society for treating ALL the bands so well and making us feel welcome. And besides, there's always next year! :)

PS - Congratulations JT Coldfire! You're goin' to Memphis, dude!


Read the full story of the Great Westside Alehouse Rainout of August 18th, 2012 here.


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