Photo by Creole

What does SUIT mean? Listen to THIS. At about 1:35 all will become clear. :)
(Thanks to the great Jolene Roxbury for creating this iconic bit, and thanks to Kelly Sullivan for introducing us to it.)


Dana "DV" Vandiver plays guitar and does most of the singing.

Sean "Buckeye" Sullivan plays bass and hollers into the microphone from time to time.

Matt "New Guy" Simon is doesn't have an official nickname yet, but he's our new drummer.

Bill "Roadkill" Asa may have retired from drumming, but he'll always be an honorary member of SUIT!


We've really gotta work on this bio thing. A while back we needed something to submit to a bike rally for their website, so we whipped this up:

Freddie King said, "This is the blues, are you listening?" and that's what SUIT is all about: the blues, pure and simple. SUIT is a three piece electric blues band from Austin, Texas, with Dana Vandiver on guitar and vocals, Sean Sullivan on bass and Bill Asa on drums. Formed in 2008, the band has been electrifying bar, bike night and bike rally crowds with their powerful blend of traditional and modern blues. So ya'll come out and get yer blues on with SUIT.

We'll come up with something better soon. We promise.


DV plays guitars made by Fender, Hamer, Gibson, Danelectro, Eastwood, Supro, Del-Rey and whatever else is handy. His amps are Mesa/Boogie and a late-50's era Magnatone. There are also a bunch of pedals and stuff that we won't get into here, but he'll be happy to describe the whole chain in minute detail to anyone who'll listen.

Sean favors Fender basses but occasionally picks up a St. Blues or Peavey. All that low-end rumble goes through an X2 wireless and a G-K head before shaking the air with a 1970 silver tuck-n-roll Kustom 2x15 cabinet.

Bill's drums are vintage Ludwig and Slingerland (he refinished and restored the Slings himself) and will set up as many cymbals (preferrably Zildjian, but he's not picky) as time and space will allow. His sticks are made out of wood, like drumsticks ought to be.

SUIT's PA is predominately Carvin, but also includes Seismic Audio, Shure, Behringer and various other things.


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